Although it might not feel like it, Spring is right around the corner (March 20 marks the official first day!). Below are 6 tips to get your home ready.

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Clean Gutters Check for loose or leaky gutters. You’ll want to check for debris, removing as much as possible with your hands. You will need a tall steady ladder and gloves. Once you have removed the majority of the debris, use a garden hose to get anything left over. 

Replace Filters It’s important to replace water, air vent and range hood filters. Most filters are replaced every 3-6 months, so we recommend changing filters at the onset of every season. There are many risks of neglecting to change filters, so it’s important to stay ahead of it!

Wash Windows The end of a snowy and icy season marks the perfect time to clean exterior windows. This season brings on many reasons to look out the windows it’s always nice when they are clean!

Clean Outdoor Furniture and Grill It’s likely that your outdoor furniture and grill acquired dust and dirt when packed away during the fall and winter. Start cleaning your grill and furniture so when you’re ready to set it all up, you won’t have as much work to do!

Prepare Your Gardens and Landscaping Prepare your soil and determine your plan for the upcoming seasons. Regardless if you are doing the heavy lifting, or if you are hiring someone, now is the time to get organized and determine the game plan. 

De-Clutter Prepare for the new season by cleaning out rooms, closets and drawers. Swap out your winter coats, gloves and scarves for warm-weather gear! Getting organized will get you more excited for all to come this Spring!